Uplifting an old farm: the Barn (2019)

The original barn

Along with the outdated house, the 1960's agricultural barn at the farm was in serious need of reinterpretation. While it remains a bustling, working-farm structure, gone are the days of driving the haying tractor through it on the left, or parking the pickup in the void at the right.

Light enters now instead of large equipment. 
The farm house

We wanted it to relate naturally with the  renovated house next to it, so I incorporated the same cedar lap siding, but unpainted for a more rustic look. And the same horizontal lattice treatment wraps around the curved deck.

It was no longer appropriate for water runoff to flow right in unhindered. As there was no need to have the right opening directly accessed by vehicle or foot, we poured a foundation wall on the bottom and made a set of three polycarbonate windows for the top. The middle one opens, so there's still access for things to pass through.

Horse fence panel was a natural solution for spanning the guardrail. For its bottom rail, I had galvanized pipe rolled to fit the curve. Part of the design challenge was to make this whole curved section and the the straight one across the front of the deck readily removeable for access.

Trees, bushes and flowers will meld the barn into the landscape, connecting it with the event garden steps away.